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Every year between June and September in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Puerto López, humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) migrate through the area, courting, breeding and giving birth. This is an unforgettable experience and they offer a remarkable show. You can see them jump, slap the water with their fins and tails just meters away from your boat. This migration attracts thousands of tourists every year making the humpback whale the main tourist attraction of Puerto Lopez.

 Isla de 

 la Plata 

Isla de la Plata is one of the main attractions of the Machalilla National Park. It is locally known as the "Little Galapagos Island". With its exceptional beauty, it gives you a unique opportunity to hike, see many bird species and to practice snorkelling. It is the best option for ecotourism in Puerto López. It also has cultural significance because it is a spiritual island for indigenous cultures from Valdivia right through to Inca (6000 years or more). 

 Los Frailes 


Located in the Machalilla National Park, this trail goes through a dry forest where you will find typical flora and fauna of the region. During the tour you will pass by several viewpoints with the most beautiful views of the surrounding beaches. At the end, you will get to Los Frailes, the main beach which is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Ecuador - clean, protected and wonderful. 



Agua Blanca is an archaeological site where you will get to knowthe Manteña culture, which existed between 1500 and 500 years ago. It is located in the heart of Machalilla National Park and boasts an archeological museum and natural attractions, such as a sulfur pool and forest trails.


Salango village offers many options for tourists who want to visit: from an archaeological museum to the local cuisine, also called "Manabita cuisine". Moreover, you can practice snorkelling on a coral reef, fishing, paragliding, biking, trekking and you will have the oportunity to appreciate the most beautiful landscapes of Machalilla National Park from the Salango Lookout.

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